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3Shape TRIOS now available in Australia

Posted on March 23, 2012 · Posted in News & Events

3Shape is a technology leader in dental CAD/CAM for laboratories. Now 3Shape has leveraged proven technologies to bring to the market TRIOS – an intraoral digital impression solution for dental practices.

TRIOS demonstrates accuracy and speed

3Shape Ultrafast Optical Sectioning technology represents the next-generation of digital impression taking. Utilizing up to 1000 3D pictures to create true geometries,based on real data, rather than artificially forming interpolated surfaces.The scanner captures over 3000 2Dimages per second, which is 100 times faster than a conventional video camera.

Spray-free and user-friendly

One notable TRIOS feature is that scanning does not require clinicians to apply spray to coat the patients teeth, making scanning with TRIOS a fast and patient-comfortable process that doesn’t effect scan accuracy by adding material to teeth surfaces.

Watching the impression being built on the screen

The cart’s large bright screen displays a real-time 3D visualization of the impression being built up during scanning. TRIOS images remain in sharp focus while moving the scanner across the teeth, and the tip can be rested on the teeth during scanning. 3Shape demonstrated an additional TRIOS feature – a motion sensor interface that enables the hand-held to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression.

Strong software support

The TRIOS user interface is very clean and intuitive. The large Smart-Touch screen makes operation convenient for clinicians.Large buttons take the clinician through the complete workflow starting with order creation and ending with dispatching the digital impression to the laboratory. The software contains state-of-the-art technologies including alignment of occlusion and clinical-validation of impression quality before sending to the lab.


Whole solution approach

3Shape does not attempt to bind digital impression taking with chairside milling.Instead, 3Shape bases its digital impression solution on easy and efficient dentist-lab cooperation. This is supported through flexible output that is immediately available for the lab plus advanced lab-dentist communication features. Clinicians can enjoy the large range of indications, design expertise and materialmanufacturing flexibility provided by dental laboratories while spending more profitable time treating patients.

Online communication with lab

Clinicians can preview 3D lab designs on the TRIOS screen, evaluate and agree on margin lines, access virtual diagnostic wax-ups and generally discuss cases with labs and patients when convenient. In TRIOS, 3Shape has provided an open platform allowing clinicians output flexibility rather than being bound to specific manufacturers or chairside milling.