CORiTEC 140i

CORiTEC 140iThe CORiTEC 140i is particularly suitable for the production of customized fully ceramic restorations directly in your practice laboratory. The machine system has been developed explicitly for fast and high quality processing of CAD/CAM blocks (25 x 25 x 60 mm) in wet and dry milling, e. g. zirconium oxide, wax, aluminium oxide, PMMA, glass ceramics, lithium disilicate and feldspar ceramics.

Machine Features:
  • Very economical due to efficient cost-benefit ratio and hence a shortened payback period
  • Stable, compact chassis construction available in steel and aluminium.
  • High quality machine components
  • Specially designed swinging hood for ergonomic opening and closing
  • Automatic 6 piece tool changer
  • Tool life control / tool breakage control
  • Simple tool management
  • Simple milling workflow with 1 click milling
  • Precise high-frequency spindle with up to 60.000 rpm
  • 4 axes processing of material blocks (with undercut acquisition)
  • Applicable in practice laboratories or as additional laboratory system
  • Flexible adapter system facilitates the use of different CAD/CAM block systems
  • Includes control PC based on Windows
  • Available with optional machine table
  • 4 axes processing (NC-controlled)
  • Wet and dry processing with integrated cooling liquid cycle
  • Machine integrated cooling liquid basin, filter station and pump
  • Simple connection to CAM software
  • High-definition micro step controller and motors in all axes
  • One processing station with 360° axis with precision gearing for vibration-free stability
  • High-frequency “Jäger“ spindle with up to 60.000 rpm
  • Integrated purging device and three cooling nozzles for wet processing in spindle holder
  • Suction unit for perfect exhausting of arising dust
  • Automatic 6-times tool changer
  • Tool holder with 3 mm shaft
  • Integrated precision length measuring switch
  • Control software Remote DENTAL 2.0 with tool breakage and tool lifetime control
  • Consumption of compressed air approx. 50 l/min (min. 6.0 bar)
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Dimensions: 430 x 365 x 528 mm (w x h x d)