CORiTEC 250i

CORiTEC 250iExperience milling flexibility with Imes-Icore’s newly developed CORiTEC 250i. The 250i is the newest compact 5 axis system on the market. Built for wet and dry processing, it features a Jäger spindle and precise stepper motors on all axis’s. Due to it’s high end build quality and components, Materials like zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, PMMA / composites, wax and glass ceramics / lithium disilicate can be milled with consistant precision and ease.

  • 5 axes processing with axis alignment up to 30°
  • Fully automatic 10 piece tool changer including automatic tool length measurement
  • Tool lifetime control / tool breakage control
  • Integrated precision tool length measuring switch
  • Integrated tank and cooling liquid cycle
  • Simple tool management and blank equipping
  • Simple handling CAM software solutions
  • Night mode function: After successful completion the software switches off automatically
  • High precision spindle with up to 60.000 rpm
  • Affordable entry level machine or an additional laboratory system in larger laboratories and milling centres
  • Milling of approximately 35 units without changing a blank
  • Control-PC based on Windows included
  • Available with custom machine table
  • High quality and polished basic granite plate for highest precision and stability
  • 5 axes processing 3+2 or 5 axes simultaneous processing
  • Simple connection to CAM software
  • High-definition and high-performance micro step controller and motors in all axes
  • Processing station as rotating and pivoting axis with “Harmonic Drive“ gearings for highest vibration-free stability
  • High-frequency “Jäger“ with up to 60.000 rpm
  • Integrated purging device and three cooling nozzles for wet processing in spindle holder
  • Suction unit for dust extraction
  • Integrated cooling liquid basin, filter station, and pump
  • Automatic 10 piece tool changer.
  • Tool holder with 3 mm shaft
  • Integrated precision length measuring switch up to 2 μm
  • Automatic control of air pressure and cooling liquid
  • Control software Remote DENTAL 2.0 with tool breakage and tool lifetime control
  • Consumption of compressed air approx. 60 l/min (min. 6,5 bar)
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Dimensions: 520 x 550 x 650 mm (w x h x d)