CORiTEC 450i

CORiTEC 450iThe CORiTEC 450i is the most versatile milling machine on the market. The industrial style machine offers 5 axis manufacturing of all materials in a compact table top unit.

Its rigid steel-aluminium construction and servomotors on all axis means the 450i offers the most in precision and speed while opening the possibility to mill any materials introduced in the future. Thanks to an automated 12-piece tool changer 30 – 35 units can be manufactured without changing the blank. If increased output is required the option of a blank changer can included manufacturing 20 blanks with unattended.

The CORiTEC 450i is designed to dry mill all materials like zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, resins and wax. The machine is capable of being upgraded to wet mill glass ceramics and lithium disilicate. A metal upgrade can also be added to increase tool shaft and shank size to manufacture metals like Chrome-Cobalt and titanium. Utilizing 5 axis manufacturing, large span implant bridges with divergent paths of insertions can be achieved with superior precision.

Construction Features
  • Rigid, industrial, heavy duty steel-aluminum table top design
  • 5-Axes processing (simultaneous or 3+2) by the use of a rotary swivelling unit
  • AC-Servomotors on all axis
  • 1 workstation with NC-guided automatic blank holder
  • Automated blank changer for up to 20 discs/blanks (optional)
  • Setup / blank change under a minute
  • High Frequency spindle with up to 60.000 rpm
  • Cooling vent integrated into spindle holder
  • Dust Extraction vents
  • Automatic 12 piece tool changer
  • Tools with 3mm or 6mm shaft (depending on version)
  • Integrated tool length measurement sensor
  • Control-PC with control software
  • Compressed air consumption app. 50 l/min(min. 7 bar)
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • 750 x 880 x 820mm (LxWxH) without blank changer
  • 2150 x 920 x 1770mm (LxWxH) with blank changer and machine table
  • Zirkonium oxide
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Resins like PMMA/Composite
  • Waxes
  • Glass Ceramics / Lithium Disilicate (optional)
  • Chrome-Cobalt, Titanium (optional)
  • Ideal for small and medium size labs as a multipurpose production system
  • Complementing applications in larger labs and milling centres
  • Depending on the material app. 30 – 35 units out of a single disc