Dekema Dental Ceramic Furnaces


Austromat 654 The President 

The Austromat is equipped with the innovative, controlled, electro mechanical upwards-pressing propulsion. It opens the mind of the dental technician to a new world of unique pressing possibilities. Equipped with a closed firing chamber, no holes at the top and no cold spots to deliver homogenous temperature distribution needed to perfectly fire every layered dental restoration.

  • Has the ability to press several colours with multiple plungers in one ring.
  • Press without vacuum
  • Quick cooling steps during pressing
  • Firing high and low fusion dental ceramics

The AUSTROMAT 654 pres-i-dent is unique for pressing furnaces through its closed thermal insulation system. Further optimised by its upwards-pressing propulsion, renowned for its precision and accuracy. Operationally the user guidance or editor is identical to the AUSTROMAT 624/ 644 with extended functionality through the high resolution touch screen or remotely through the network.

produkte-dekema-644Austromat 664 

Merging user-orientated operation, short sintering cycles, low energy consumption and a very small footprint. Materialised through the AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC, the DEKEMA specific SiC heating technology makes it possible. Approximately thirty copings or restorations with up to six units can be reliably sintered in one cycle with up to 1.530 degrees Centigrade. The high temperature furnace AUSTROMAT 663 iSiC is equipped with two silicon carbide heating elements to safely and consistently operate at temperatures up to 1.530 degrees centigrade. All components of the AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC sintering chamber are made of the highest purity, durable materials to ensure a homogenous heat distribution in a clean atmosphere. A patent pending DEKEMA specific Platin/Platin Rhodium thermocouple monitors the temperature inside the sintering chamber. Approximately 15 copings with a maximum diameter of 65mm might be simultaneously sintered on top of the patented insulation table, to create two levels and double capacity. The time tested AUTODRY system has been further improved by providing both precise drying steps as well as quick direct heating and cooling steps for extremely short sintering cycles.


 Austromat baSiC 

The SiC-heating concept for every kind of milled dental prosthesis sintered under atmosphere for as many as approximately 30 parts. Two heating elements realise a homogenous temperature distribution up to as high as 1.560 degrees centigrade. Remote control and quality management are integrated, providing a reliable partner for a milling or grinding machine. The AUSTROMAT basic is equipped with two silicon carbide heating elements, perfectly fitted for sintering at temperatures up to 1.560 degrees centigrade. These heating elements feature robustness and durability. The lower half of the two-part firing chamber is manually drawn out by a drawer for loading and unloading. The drawer must be closed for the lift to join or separate the two halves of the firing chamber. The lift movement can control temperatures to allow short sintering times. The sintering platform provides space for approximately 30 sintering units and a maximum diameter for copings of 100 mm. Sintering programs are already factory preset, loaded through a thumb drive or directly downloaded from the extensive DEKEMA sintering program internet database. Optionally these cycles may even be programmed by one click QR scanning. The USB terminal is used to choose sintering cycles. Its central display shows the state of the furnace and all relevant data. Additionally these cycles are programmed by one click QR scanning. The USB terminal is used to select sintering cycles. The central display shows the state of furnace and all relevant data.