Straumann® CARES® customised solutions now available for Dental Axess 3Shape users

Posted on July 9, 2014 · Posted in News & Events

Dental Axess has further strengthened its product portfolio by integrating Straumann CARES range of customised prosthetics into its manufacturing network.
The integration of Straumann CARES libraries in the 3Shape’s Dental System software from Dental Axess, enable’s dental technicians to use the 3Shape System to design abutments and a range of high quality customised tooth borne prosthetics.

Materials include cobalt chromium alloy (coron), titanium (ticon), plastics (polycon) and high stability zirconium dioxide (zerion).  These restorations can be ordered directly from Straumann’s global production facilities.

This fully integrated and validated solution offers a broad range of prosthetic possibilities and flexibility with guaranteed precision and reliability with an original Straumann connection.

Together with Straumann Variobase™ solutions, Dental Axess 3Shape users have a unique opportunity to gain access to Straumann’s consistent prosthetic quality while introducing a wider range of choices for clinicians and their patients.

For more information about Straumann product assortment contact Straumann at +61 (0)3 9646 7060 or

For more information about 3Shape and the integration of Straumann material files contact Dental Axess at +61 (0)2 9125 4900 or