3Shape Trios: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on June 19, 2013 · Posted in News & Events

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the 3Shape Trios:


Yes. Scans tooth as well as metals without any contrast powder/spray!

Sensitive to fogging during intra-oral use?

Like any intra-oral camera yes however this can be fully addressed and managed by the dedicated preheating tip, heat the scan tip and “inhale-through-mouth-exhale–through-nose” principle

Saliva and blood?

Both should be attempted removed before/during scanning. Blood will be considered a surface by the scanner.

Sub-gingiva preparations?

Are fully scannable. Expose the margin line/preparation as for conventional impression making (“gingiva-retraction strategy”, i.e. double-thread or chemicals)

Full–arch scan?

Fully possible, including palette (but indications are currently limited to max. 5-unit bridges)

Scan speed?

Fast. On average 3 – 8 minutes for complete case U/L/B depending on experience and size of restoration

Supported range of indications and materials?

Single crowns -> 5 unit bridges, (Implant scanning, for customized abutments, in clinical evaluation) – ALL MATERIALS!

Can Trios do Implant scanning? (fixture-level)

Fully supported for single unit cases shortly. Gingiva shape/emergence profile scan + Scan with scan abutment inserted (remember to scan gingiva shape immediately after removing healing cap)

Does the patient (and/or the scanner) have to be positioned horizontally?

No, TRIOS provides complete motion freedom for patient and dentist

Can the tip can be autoclaved?

Yes (approximately 20 times), and can be rotated 180 degrees for easy U/L scan

How does TRIOS capture the Bite scan?

By an intra-oral scan, capturing the exact bite from the buccal side (not by scanning impression/Index)

Wireless connectivity?

Yes! (Wi-Fi)

Battery operated

No, but extremely fast boot-up (app. 30 sec), and recovery of ongoing scan data in case out power cut


2 – 10MB, transferred via FTP (To TRIOS Inbox/DS)

Can the screen be operated with gloves on?

Yes and it can be cleaned using normal clinical disinfection materials

Wireless keyboard and Mouse?

Yes, by Bluetooth connectivity

Interface to clinic/patient management software?

Yes interface protocol available. It requires integration.

Interface to 3rd party CAD/CAM

Yes, if 3Shape TRIOS Inbox is available (TRIOS Inbox is where the STL file is generated, if required) + the 3rd party system must be able to import STL files.

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